‘Sound of Colour’ - ArtHouse Jersey

Director, Camera and Editor

A musician and a painter are not so different. An artwork can sing as a score does depict. When composer Jack Chown walked into painter Jason Butler’s studio for the first time, the realisation of their symmetry as artists was swift to surface. Jack hears the music he loves in Jason’s paintings and when Jason paints, he often does so to that same music. In a unique and one off collaboration, Jack has composed a piece of music to accompany the vivid and shimmering fields of Jason’s fresh and abstract work. Using his personal experience of graphical synaesthesia, Jack shifts and translates the blushing hues and glowing tints of Jason’s palette into a fervent swelling piece that blooms as the canvases vibrate in the space. The work was showcased in an exclusive evening installation of live performance and film exploring: what is the Sound of Colour?